Q: How is ToneDen's ad platform different than Facebook's?

A: ToneDen works with Facebook ads. When you use ToneDen in conjunction with Facebook ads, you save time and money--and insure your most optimized marketing experience. Here's what you get with ToneDen's toolbox: 

  1. Creative Scrambling: Instead trying to figure out which images and which text are most persuasive together, ToneDen creates ads with every possible combination of creatives. As soon as we see which ad's performing best, we put your money on the proven winner (and stop funding the ads that are lagging).
  2. Automatic Targeting: If you have data (from website visitors or email lists), we'll automatically create lookalike audiences to put your message in front of thousands of new people likely to engage. ToneDen helps you connect different data sources to automatically determine what data can be used to drive sales.
  3. Budget Optimization. We shift spending to ads and audiences where conversion is actually happening so you're never wasting money on poor performers. 
  4. Clear, Readable Reporting: You want to understand how your campaigns are performing. ToneDen's interface is straightforward, showcasing the numbers where you can you use them. 

Q: What kind of budget do you recommend for a campaign?

A: $7 per audience per day pretty much does the job. Once you create your Target Audiences and set a schedule, our system will recommend the minimum amount you should spend to effectively split test your variations.

Q: How many audiences do you recommend for a campaign?

A: Three's a good starting point. The standard audiences are: Facebook Page Likes, Facebook Page Likes Lookalike, and one Custom Audience. After that, feel free to play around with other variations depending on the data sources you connect (i.e., MailChimp, Eventbrite, etc.). It's a balancing act: you want to test every possible audience while also ensuring each phase of the campaign reaches a different group. 

Q: Why is my campaign not performing well?

A: First, bummer--but second, don't give up! If your campaign's struggling, reconsider the timing, the target audiences you've set, and/or creative combinations you've inputted. Please review our Troubleshooting Ads Guide for details on fixing your campaign. 

Q: How do you recommend I configure my ad to appeal to my audience?

A: At ToneDen, we monitor thousands of ad campaigns. After reviewing the top performers, we compiled a guide for creating winning ads. In this blog post, we break down the elements of a high-performing Facebook ad.

Q: Can I manage multiple Ad Accounts through ToneDen?

A: Yes! And you don’t even need to log in and out of accounts in Facebook. Simply create a Sub-Account for your different accounts within ToneDen and each can be connected to a separate Facebook Ad Account. Once you enter the Advertise tab on the left side, use the dropdown menu in the top left corner to switch between accounts.

Q: What types of campaigns will I run with ToneDen (and how do I choose which of them to run)?

  • Conversion Optimization: The best for selling a product, as well as when you're tracking a customer through the sales funnel; lets you capture total value of revenue generated--just be sure you have a Facebook pixel installed on your target URL.
  • Event Response: Perfect to get RSVPs to a Facebook Event.
  • CPC: Awesome for driving traffic to a web page or app.
  • Page Engagement: Good when you want users to comment, like, and share posts.
  • Page Like: Ideal when you want to build a following on your Facebook Page

Q: How do I setup conversion tracking for my event?

A: We're glad you asked! ToneDen's conversion tracking is a powerful tool to help you optimize your campaign and measure your ROAS (return on ad spend). 

Here are instructions for setting this up. 

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