ToneDen works with Facebook ads. When you use ToneDen in conjunction with Facebook ads, you save time and money--and insure your most optimized marketing experience. Here's what you get with ToneDen's toolbox: 

Easy Campaign Setup:

Our strategy templates make it simpler for you to get a high-performing ad campaign set up in no time. Based on your objective, our system will automatically tailor the campaign creation process to your needs. 

Without ToneDen, a single ad campaign creation can take up to 50 minutes to complete. With ToneDen, the average  ad campaign is created in under 10 minutes.

Creative A/B Testing: 

Instead of trying to figure out which images and which text are most persuasive together, ToneDen creates ads with every possible combination of creatives. As soon as we see which ads are performing best, we'll put your money on the proven winners (and take the dollars out of the ads that are lagging).

Audience Targeting: 

Based your objective and data, ToneDen will automatically create the best targeting audiences for your ad campaign. We'll automatically create lookalike audiences to put your message in front of thousands of new people likely to engage.

By advertising to different target audiences, you increase your chances of success and driving conversions. 

Budget Optimization: 

Once your campaign is live, ToneDen monitors your campaign's performance around the clock. Our system shifts spending to target audiences where conversions are happening so you're never wasting money on poorly performing ads. This will maximize your ad spend: more bang for your buck. More information.

Clear, Readable Reporting: 

You want to understand how your campaigns are performing. ToneDen's interface is straightforward, showcasing the numbers where you can you use them. 

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