Getting Started

First, you'll need to connect your Facebook Ad Account to ToneDen. Your Facebook ad account controls your Facebook page permissions for advertising and the payment method for the budget of your ad campaign. 

What are you advertising?

To begin, create a new ad campaign and choose the template that's best for you. 

Step 1: Edit Your Objective

  1. Select the action you'd like to promote. 
  2. Select the objective you'd like to accomplish. 
  3. Enter your website URL or select the post you'd like to use. 
  4. Finally, select UPDATE OBJECTIVE.

Step 2: Basic Details 📝

  1. Select your Facebook ad account. The payment method attached to this ad account is where your ad spend will be processed.
  2.  Select Facebook page you'd like to advertise with.

Step 3: Modify Target Audiences 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

ToneDen will automatically suggest target audiences for your campaign based on your profile and what you're advertising. 

Modify your target audiences by adding or removing options, or by editing an audiences to your specifications

To add a new audience, select ADD NEW above your audiences and select the audience you'd like. 

Need more instruction? Check out: How To Modify Target Audiences

Need some inspiration? Check out: What Target Audiences Should I Use?

Step 4: Set Your Schedule ⏰

This menu will ask you to select a start date and end date for your campaign. Then, enter your daily or total spend.

Step 5: Set Your Budget ⏰

Choose between daily spend or total budget. Daily spend will charge that amount each day and total budget will spend that amount over the entire length of your campaign. 

Step 6: Add Creatives 📸

In this menu, you can start creating your advertisements. 

  • Click "+ Add Post Text" to enter in the post text you would like to use. 
  • Click "+ Add Headline" to create your headline.
  • Click "+ Add Link Description" to write your link description.
  • Choose one "Call To Action" or more from the dropdown menu.
  • Click "+ Add Image" or "+ Add Video" to upload the creative for the ad.

ToneDen's software will automatically test all possible combinations of creatives to ensure your best ad is delivered to the right audience.

Step 7: Select Your Campaign's Goal 🎯

Select the goal that's best aligned with your campaign objective. The goal you choose is what we'll optimize your campaign toward. We recommend you select the "Purchase" conversion event. 

Step 7: Review and Launch 🚀

In this menu, ToneDen will review your campaign to make sure everything looks good. 

If you'd like to receive daily reports on your campaign's performance, enter your email address and check the box for “Send daily performance reports.” 

Click "Launch Campaign" to start your campaign or click "Save as Draft" to come back and edit the campaign later. 

Step 8: Relax
While your campaign is running, ToneDen's automatic budget optimization will reallocate budget toward the best performing audience to ensure you're advertising to the right people. Learn more here.

You can now run Facebook Ad campaigns whenever you like!

What's Next?

With your Facebook Ad campaign live, it's time to view your campaign performance. Learn how to review campaign performance here.

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