Targeting people relevant to your business is a vital part of advertising online.  By having accurate targeting and creative ads, you can make the most with the money you spend. 

Based on what you're advertising, ToneDen will automatically recommend target audiences for your campaign. Modify these audiences to hone in on the right people for your ad campaign.

How to Add a New Audience

  1. To add a new audience to your ad campaign, select 'Add New.' 
  2. Then, select the data source you'd like to use (ToneDen, Facebook Mailchimp etc). 
  3. Lastly, select the type of audience you'd like to create (Lookalike audiences, People that have liked your page, etc).

How to Configure an Audience

Some audiences will need additional information in order to target who you want. 

If you see a warning for your audience, you'll need to 'Add an Interest, Behavior or Demographic.' You may choose an audience that requires additional information. If so, select a source, such as a Facebook page or custom audience, for the audience to utilize.

How To Save My Audience Set

You may want to save your target audiences and use them again in the future. To do this, you can save your audience set.

  1. Once you have the audiences you would like to save, select 'Save Set.'
  2. Then, name your audience set.
  3. If you would like to generate these audiences each time an ad campaign, select the 'Make Default Set.' 

You can use your saved audience set by selecting 'Use Set,' choosing the set you would like to use and selecting 'Replace Existing Audiences.'

How to Edit Multiple Audiences 

You may want to edit multiple audiences together instead of making changes to each individual audiences. To do this, select 'Edit Multiple Audiences'; add your targeting parameters, such as age or location; and select 'Apply to Audiences.'

How to Change An Audience Type

To change the type of an audience that's already been created:

  1. Select the audience you'd like to change. 
  2. Select 'Change Template.'
  3. Choose the new audience you would like to replace it with and fill in any additional information needed.

How to Save Your Audience

To saved an indivdual audience:

  1. Once you have the audience you would like to save, select 'Save as Custom.'
  2. Name your audience.
  3. Select the options you'd like to save with your audience.

The next time you create an ad campaign, your saved audience will appear as a Facebook custom audience. To access your saved audience:

  1. Add a new Facebook Custom audience.
  2. Search for your saved audience in the drop menu. 
  3. Select your saved audience. 
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