Let's say you're ordering pizza for a party. One friend likes thin crust; one friend avoids gluten and digs pepperoni; another friend won't eat anything but pineapple and Canadian bacon. Did I mention you're a vegan who loves deep dish? Figuring out how to make sure every's eating happy sounds like a serious challenge.

And that's a little how it is with marketing, minus the dietary restrictions. You might know, broadly, that your customers are pizza lovers, but that's not even half the battle. You need to know their likes and dislikes, their quirks and preferences. 

Fortunately, ToneDen's platform understands the so-called pizza dilemma. With our advanced targeting option, you can build audiences composed of people who match more than one interest, demographic, or behavior. 

It's easy to get specific with exactly who makes up your target audiences, but if you want to get really nitty gritty, that's as simple as adding another interest, behavior or demographic targeting to further narrow down your audience. 

You can add a single interest to keep your audience specific or multiple ones to increase the breadth of your audience. No matter how you roll, you stand to make more people happy than by just defaulting to cheese. 

Example (ok, we get it--you're not ordering pizza 🍕)

Say you sell merchandise for teenagers who are dance music enthusiasts and you want to advertise to people who buy online. The best way to get your ads in front of these people is to create a custom audience out of all Facebook users and narrow down the audience.

To do this in ToneDen, select the audience you'd like to apply it to and click the "Add Advanced Targeting" button.

Then, add your interest(s) and select the NARROW down option.

Then, add the other criteria for your for you audience. Narrow your audience down to Engaged Shoppers and exclude demographics that you do not want to reach.

Important: When narrowing your audience, be careful not to be too specific. Doing so can lead to an audience that's too small to be effective. We recommend you create target audiences that are a minimum of 10,000 people.

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