To check on your campaign’s performance, click the Advertising tab to see a list of your campaigns. 

This view will display a list of active campaigns and their results. 

To see more details, click on the campaign you'd like to analyze. 

ToneDen's performance results give you real-time performance reports in words you can understand. 

Campaign Details

The campaign details include the campaign's budget, schedule, networks, conversion events, and targeting. 

Audience Performance

Below the campaign details is the performance of the campaign today and the overall performance.

Creative Performance

The creative performance section will tell you how each version of your ad is performing and which creative is bringing in the most revenue.

Optimization Logs

Lastly, you will see the campaign's status log. The status log records the campaign's optimization. Learn more about ToneDen's Optimization Engine here.

If your campaign is performing poorly, please feel free to reach out at for assistance. Our team is happy to help.

What's next?

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