Whenever you log in to Facebook, you're confronted with advertisements. They're everywhere--and for good reason: Facebook ads have become a goldmine for anyone who wants to market online. 

According to a recent report published by Kleiner Perkins, 26% of people that click on a Facebook ad make a purchase. 

Marketers are clearly getting results on the platform.

Why? Facebook has revolutionized the way brands are able to distribute content and other messages to a highly targeted audience. They've built an incredibly cost-effective advertising engine that gives anyone access to the most complete database of demographic and behavioral data that's ever existed. 

By leveraging Facebook’s granular targeting options and optimization algorithms, marketers can reach their perfect customers online. 

Your future customer is probably looking at their news feed right now. 

So are 100 million other people, right now

How can you — the creator, the marketer, the brand — take advantage of the perfect opportunity to convince this potential customer to spend their dollars on you?

ToneDen’s social advertising capability makes it easy to maximize the effectiveness of your social marketing. Fully integrated with Audience AI, it enables you to drive more efficient, effective, and personal advertising. 

The next time you hop on Facebook, say hello to your friends--and a friendlier ROI.

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