Donate to Download is a new way for creators, artists, and influencers to inspire their fans to make a difference. 

To create a Donate to Download campaign, follow the steps below.

Step 1 - Select Type

Select the type of item you would like people to unlock. If you would like to offer a downloadable file, choose "Download."  If you would like to offer a coupon code, choose "Coupon."  

Step 2 - Basic Details

The second menu will allow you to customize the basic details for your social unlock. Customize the title, button text, and add an image to accompany the unlock button. 

Step 3 - Setup Unlock

In the third menu, select "Donate to Charity." Then, choose or search for the charity to which you'd like people to donate. You can can choose any US-based certified 501(c)(3) organizations. ToneDen will donate 100% of the proceeds directly to the organization in need.

After choosing your charity, upload a file or enter a valid coupon code for people to unlock. 

Step 4 - Customize Lasso (Optional)

Place Donate to Download on your website by customizing your Lasso widget to reflect your brand and offer. Fill in the subject line and message to display on your Lasso.

Step 5 - Review and Launch

The fifth menu will automatically review your information. If you're satisfied, click "Launch Campaign."

Step 6 - Promote your campaign!
Congratulations on creating your Donate to Download! Now it's time to promote it. 

Drive traffic to your campaign by promoting it on your website and social channels like Facebook & Instagram!

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