If you have created a FanLink on ToneDen, you have probably seen a link that looks something like this: https://fanlink.to/new-single

As part of the creation process, you have the optional step of adding a 'subdomain' field to your FanLink, which allows you to add a text string of your choosing in front of 'fanlink.to', separated by a period. As an example, if you're an artist named Soulful Jazz, you might want to add 'soulful-jazz' in the subdomain field so that your link looks like this: https://soulful-jazz.fanlink.to/new-single

If you have a paid account on ToneDen and want to get even fancier, you have the option of creating an entirely custom domain for your FanLinks. For example, if you have your website at https://www.soulful-jazz.com, you could have your custom domain for FanLinks be something like https://music.soulful-jazz.com or https://get.soulful-jazz.com. The text of the subdomain ('music' or 'get' in the examples) is entirely up to you; the only requirement is that it isn't already in use elsewhere.

In order to set up your custom domain on ToneDen, you will need to do the following:

  1. Ensure you have a paid subscription (Basic, Pro, or Elite) for the ToneDen account that will be using the custom domain as it is a paid feature only.
  2. Choose a domain (example: soulful-jazz.com) that you already own and/or control (we do not provide or obtain domains on your behalf).
  3. If that domain is currently in use or will be in use (typically the case if it is where your website is), choose a subdomain that is currently unused (recommended).
  4. Send us a chat message or email us at support@toneden.io with the domain you would like to use, the subdomain you would like to use (if applicable), and your account's username. You can find your account's username by going to https://www.toneden.io/settings and looking at the field under 'Username'.
  5. Once we receive and process your request we will provide you with a DNS record to add to your domain. DNS configuration varies depending on the domain provider, so if you need assistance with this step we will help you get it set up properly on a case-by-case basis.
  6. That's it! Once you add the DNS record and it propagates you'll be able to select your new custom domain from the 'Domain' dropdown in the Modify Short Link step of FanLink creation.

If you have questions along the way or need help with any of the above steps, please feel free to send us a chat message or email us at support@toneden.io and we will get back to you shortly.

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