Now that you've created a FanLink, it's time to understand who your fans are and where they come from.

Step 1 - Understand how your fans are engaging with your content

We'll provide you with the total number of fans that visit your page and successfully go onto another streaming service. 

A conversion rate that equals or exceeds 70% means you're including every platform relevant to your fans, and excluding platforms that aren't relevant to your fans.

A conversion rate below 70% might mean you're not including platforms that are relevant to your fans--or that you're including too many platforms that are irrelevant to them. 

Step 2 - Understand which services your fans use

Services with higher levels of engagement are the services where your fans are most likely to consume your music. Services with low levels of engagement may not be relevant to your fans and can be excluded to reduce drop-off.

Step 3 - Understand where your fans are coming from

We'll show you where your most active fans live and what channels they are coming from. Locations where your fans are dense may signify future touring opportunities.

Step 4 - Checking revenue

If you use iTunes in your FanLinks and if a fan converts into a sale on their first visit after clicking the link, we will track revenue.

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