Fanlinks are powerful smart links to help you understand who your customers are and track conversions.

Shorten and Brand Your Link

FanLinks are powerful smart links to help you understand who your customers are, and track conversions. Consumers who click on FanLinks are directed to a beautiful landing page that allows you to guide users to sites for streaming, learning about, or buying your music. When they revisit any of your links, they’ll automatically be directed to their favorite store or platform for instant stream or purchase.

You can customize your FanLink to include your brand name or message in the link. 

Deliver an Experience

The first time someone clicks on your link, a beautiful landing page quickly directs them to your content or product. If your content is on a variety of platforms, let your audience choose their favorite. 

Want to skip the landing page? You can easily send people directly to their final destination with one click.

Understand who your fans are 

We collect insights on your FanLink's performance so you can easily optimize your marketing efforts to better fit your audience needs.

We show you where and when your fans consume your content or buy your product. With FanLinks, you get insights into how and when people are clicking, everywhere, around the world.

See how many fans download, purchase, or consume your content across the web. Create multiple FanLinks to see what platform or influencer is driving the most traffic.

With a FanLink, you can easily create one link that lets you market across email, social, and anywhere on the internet.

Get started by creating a FanLink today!

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