It's easy to create a beautiful landing page to direct people to your event. 

Click "+ Create a FanLink" to start creating your link. This article will take you through the process step-by-step.

1) Select the Event template for creating your Fanlink

1) Copy & paste the URL of your event page or select an event from Eventbrite

Then, select update campaign and we'll locate your event details to include in your FanLink. 

4) Customize your landing page.

Use the inputs and preview to customize your event landing page.

Enter your event’s name, the name of the venue and any other details you want to include. Upload a landing page image and change the background if you would like.

5) Customize your social sharing.

Design the look and feel of your social posts by customizing your metadata. Use the preview to see how your Tour Fanlink will look with you share it on sites like Facebook.

6) Edit your URL link.

Your event landing page will have its own URL. Customize the link so you and others know it is for your event.

7) Add your Pixel.

By adding your Facebook Pixel ID toy your Tour Fanlink, you can track the fans that visit your Tour Fanlink. Click the 'Select a pixel' button choose your pixel. Don't have a pixel yet? Create one here.

8) Name your Fanlink

Name your Event Fanlink so you reference it late. Only you and your team will see the name of the Fanlink inside ToneDen. Also, if you’d like to organize your FanLinks, you can create tags for them (e.g. “Event Name").

After you've double-checked everything, press "Create FanLink" and you're good to go! Share your Fanlink by copying and pasting its URL or create a Playbook for it. 

You can edit your Fanlink anytime by selecting the "Edit Link" button.

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