How to Configure Lasso

Step 1 - Choose campaign type

Choose campaign type by clicking "Social Unlock/Contest" or "Basic Signup Form." 

If you choose "Social Unlock/Contest," select the campaign you would like to appear or click "Create New" to build a new campaign.

Step 2 - Choose an Opt-In Action

Step 3 - Customize Lasso

Edit the headline and messaging to reflect your brand's personality. Enter text in the fields on the left and preview your Lasso on the right. 

Step 4 - Visability

Select your Lasso layout and position on your website.

If you'd like Lasso to run across your entire site, select "Always" under Show When. If you'd like Lasso to live on a specific page, click the drop-down menu and select "Specific URL is visited." Enter the URL where you'd like Lasso to appear.

Save Changes

You can review your Lasso with the previews on the lefthand side of the page. If you're satisfied, click Save Changes.

Step 5 - Tracking

We recommend adding a retargeting pixel to improve your marketing strategy.

A retargeting pixel (or just "pixel" for short) is a piece of code generated by an advertising provider like Facebook that you can embed on any site to track visitors. When you put a pixel on a website, any visitor to that site gets tracked by the provider of the pixel. I.E. if you put a Facebook pixel on a website, Facebook knows who visited that website. Those visitors are stored on Facebook, and later you can advertise to those visitors or people similar to them.

This section lets you embed retargeting pixels from Facebook, Twitter, and Google into your Lasso without having to edit any code. This is powerful -- later, you can advertise to people who visited your site, or even generate an audience of people similar to your site's visitors and advertise to them!

You can find instructions on how to get your different pixel IDs here:

Step 6 - Install

Lasso comes with a number of built-in integrations for web platforms like Shopify and Wordpress. 

Click Install for a step-by-step instruction on how to get Lasso live on your site. If you're having trouble installing Lasso, reach out to

Lastly, click "Verify Installation" to ensure that your Lasso is up and running correctly.

Once you have configured your Lasso, you can review its performance or edit it at any time. To do this, just select Lasso from your ToneDen dashboard. 

What's Next?
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