Lasso is a tool for rapidly building a rich customer database through attractive and accessible incentives. 

This widget lives in the corner of your website and helps you turn anonymous visitors into real customers while driving social engagement.

With Lasso, your site can start offering discounts, coupons, gifts, and any other forms of value in a beautiful yet resourceful way, achieving social engagement from the visitor.

Examples of Lasso Campaigns

Signup Forms

A simple Facebook-driven signup form allows you to be constantly building your audience across your webpages. This not only helps you capture emails but also obtain the information you need to tailor marketing messages to your audience.

Social Unlocks

A social unlock campaign is incredibly effective in incentivizing users to perform a key social action. By giving users a coupon, promotion, or downloadable piece of content, you’re able to drive social engagement while capturing emails and profile information.

Contests and Giveaways

A giveaway campaign is a powerful mechanism that not only converts visitors into registered fans but also simultaneously boosts engagement across multiple social platforms.

Easy Setup and Install

Lasso comes with a number of built-in integrations for web platforms like Shopify and Wordpress. We give you a simple and intuitive interface to design the right campaign, manage your customer data, and use data to find new customers across Facebook and Instagram.

Check out all of the features here and read more about how Lasso works on the blog post.

What's Next?

Click here to learn how to install, configure, and use Lasso.

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