These days internet users are all fairly used to granting apps, websites, and services access to their permissions and personal info, but it can often still be unsettling to grant control to a third party like ToneDen.

For example, ToneDen's own Spotify permissions request looks like this:

Certainly a little startling if all you are doing is trying to enter a contest.

For context, the reason we request these permissions is so that we can follow artists, save playlists and tracks, and stream tracks on behalf of your account as part of those artist's ToneDen campaigns that you specifically engage with. At no point do we ever delete or modify existing content in your Spotify library.

When it comes to YouTube permissions, which can appear even more aggressive, we are limited by what YouTube offers. They unfortunately do not have granular permission controls, and as a result we have to request full access to make use of the platform. That of course means we have to request a large set of permissions (including unsettling ones like 'let ToneDen delete your videos') that we don't even make use of along with the few that we do use. Once again, the only action the ToneDen platform will take on behalf of your YouTube account is to subscribe to a channel as a result of a specific action that you take on ToneDen; no part of the ToneDen platform will ever delete or modify your existing YouTube content.

For further details on how we use data and work to protect your privacy, please check out our Privacy Policy.

If at any point you would like your account and all associated information to be deleted, you can either do so yourself by going to and then clicking the 'Delete Account' button, or by emailing us at with your username or account email and making a request to delete your account.

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