Step 1: Select Accounts

Select the Spotify account you want to use for this campaign.

Step 2: Customize Landing Page

First, enter the title for the Spotify pre-save.

Next, describe any details for your Spotify pre-save.

Then, enter the unlock button text.

Next, upload an image for your landing page .

Next, select a light or dark theme.

Then, choose a button color.

Lastly, upload a custom background image.

Step 3: Setup Pre-Save

First, enter the URI of your unreleased Spotify Track or Album.

Next, enter the title to your unreleased Spotify Track or Album.

Then, enter the date at which your track/album goes live on Spotify.

Lastly, describe what fans need to do to pre-save your track.

Step 4: Activate Playbook

Lastly, give your playbook a name for your reference. ToneDen will provide you with Playbook results under this name. Once your playbook is ready, select launch playbook and you are good to go.

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