It takes less than a minute to create a new admin account on ToneDen. Once you've signed up, you'll be able to start growing and reaching your fans.

You can get started with the account creation process on the sign up page here.

Step 1: Sign Up

You'll see two options for creating a new account. The easiest (and recommended) way is to connect your Facebook, but you can also enter your name, an email, and password in the fields provided and click the big 'Create New Account' button.

Step 2: Add Your Facebook Page

Search and add the Facebook page for your brand or business. This will help us get your account set up quickly 🚀

Step 3: Confirm Advertising Access (Optional)

If you are an advertiser on Facebook, you will see a prompt in the following screen to add Advertising access to your ToneDen account. 

This is a mandatory step if you plan on using ToneDen's automated advertising platform to advertise on Facebook and Instagram. If you're not sure whether you want to advertise on Facebook and Instagram, you can always skip this step now and do it later.

Thats it! You should be all set to start creating campaigns. 

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