“I do love email,” Elon Musk famously said. Contrary to rumors, consumers still seem pretty happy to check their inbox. Email’s not dead — far from it.

Email, that marketing workhorse, is a consistent performer. 30% open and 3% click-through rates? That’s pretty damn good.

But is pretty damn good as good as it gets? Is there a channel of communication that could surpass email?

Absolutely. As Musk also said, “You shouldn’t do things differently just because they’re different. They need to be … better.”

In this case, better means an asset to your existing email campaign. Better also means cheaper, more appealing to your customers, and something your competitors haven’t invested in yet. 

Better means Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger’s average monthly users have been in the billions since 2016. Today, that figure is closer to 1.2 billion.

We’ve discovered a lot about people’s use of Messenger. The stats? Impressive.

80% open rates. 30% click-throughs. 

Your competitors already send email; do they chat on Messenger yet? 

According to an article in the Harvard Business Review, “First-mover advantage occurs not when you enter a market, but when you start making real money in it.” 

Facebook Messenger is the next big opportunity for exploding your ticket sales. Making real money is what Facebook Messenger lets you do.

Playbooks: Your New Best Friend 

Your Facebook page already has Likes, but to get Messenger access those fans who’ve Liked your page have to opt-in to receiving messages. Simple enough, except that opt-in requires your fans to message your page directly. 

Getting hundreds of fans to initiate a conversation with you is impractical and unscalable — you’re right. But landing subscribers is the key to a robust Messenger list. And that Messenger list stands to be a companion to your monthly email newsletter — a companion 50% more readers will open. 

Fortunately, we designed a widely applicable strategy to help you integrate Messenger into your ad strategy. It’s a readymade sequence of marketing actions we call a Playbook

Think of this as the year you build an entirely new marketing channel without adding to your workflow.

Envision it …

When Envision Festival adopted one of our playbooks, they had two goals: sell more tickets and grow a Messenger list to complement their email newsletter.

They ended up getting more than 220 subscribers and almost $3,000 in ticket sales.

How did it work? A few simple steps.

  1. Fans commented on Facebook post, triggering a message asking if they wanted to receive discount code.
  2. Fans replied to message and received code.
  3. Fans used code to buy Envision ticket on Eventbrite.

Here’s what the fan saw:


Your Turn

The great thing about ToneDen playbooks is how customizable they are. While Envision’s playbook might not totally match your needs, we have plenty of options to help you gain Messenger subscribers before your competitors. Fans can comment to receive a discount code, a link to a contest, a reminder message when tickets go on-sale, a reminder to message day of show, and more.

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